Leaf - Troubleshooting - Audio delay


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The Leaf uses the latest aptX Low Latency codec to transfer superior stereo quality sound without any noticeable audio delay (known as latency).

To take advantage of the benefits of this aptX Low Latency codec please note the following:

1. Please ensure your Bluetooth headphones, speaker or receiver also support the aptX Low Latency codec. If your device only supports aptX, or the standard SBC codec, then there will be different degrees of audio delay. More details please refer to below link >

2. If your Bluetooth device supports aptX Low Latency, but still has latency issues, please check if the Leaf is using the aptX Low Latency codec - the LED should flash WHITE twice every 5 seconds (for more LED status indications, please refer to - https://support.avantree.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001781246)

If Leaf is not using the aptX Low Latency codec, please try to reset the Leaf and re-pair it with your Bluetooth device.

3. For Sony headphones

Some Sony headphones set the “Standard” mode (SBC high quality mode) as the default setting. For aptx, aptx HD, aptx LL, you need to manually select “Priority on sound quality” mode from headphones side through Sony's app. Pls refer to https://helpguide.sony.net/mdr/zx770bn/v1/en/contents/TP0000773523.html.



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