Leaf - Guide - Status LED indicator


LED indication:

Status LED indicator  Image

Pairing mode

LED blink BLUE and WHITE alternately


Connected with aptX Low Latency codec

LED flashes WHITE twice every 5s


Connected with aptX codec

LED flashes WHITE once every 5s


Connected with FastStream codec

LED flashes BLUE 3 times every 5s


Connected with SBC codec

LED flashes BLUE twice every 5s



LED flashes BLUE once every 5s


Reset / Clear pairing history

LED flashes BLUE & WHITE together for 2s


Call mode

LED keeps on WHITE



LED flashes BLUE once per second




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    Mine blinks Green once every 5 seconds (paired to Sennheiser HD1 overear). It's not the blue light for sure, and I though I might have just been confusing the white LED for a green one, but after staring at it for a while, it's definitely green. Does this indicate an aptX connection?

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    @djsumdog - mine does the same. When I connect it to an old headset (that I know use SBC) it blinks blue twice every 5 seconds, so I assume green twice every 5 seconds would mean aptX LL. They must have confused the green and white leds...