Affiliate Program Guide


Like our products? Recommend to friends, save them 5% and you win 5% for ALL their future orders! Win-Win-Win!


What will you get?

-You friend can get 5% OFF for purchasing from the link you share

-You can get 5% commission back from all the purchases from your friends


How to get started?

1. Find “Affiliate Program”at the foot of the page or dropdown list on Community. Or access by  this link:


2. Click “Signup” to create your Affiliate Account.


3. Fill in the information required and click “Save”



4. Then you will go to the Affiliate program Home Page.



5. After finish signup, you can find the refer button by Email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ on product detail page.




6. When click Email button, you will see below a window pop up. You can login in your Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Copy the auto-generated email content below, and then send to your friend. You can also generate your own content, but please remember to contain the link in red, which is your unique customized link with tracking.




7. Refer to other Social Media, it will ask you to login in your account and then generate the link automatically. Take Facebook for example, see below._____20170508134659.png


8. When you friends purchase from the link you share, you can get commission. Click “Commission”to see how much commission you gain. You can withdraw it to your PayPal account or use it when you checkout when the amount reach $10.




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