Priva III/IIA - Troubleshooting - Delay


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Priva III/IIA supports aptX Low Latency codec(aptX LL), with ≤40ms audio delay that is even NOT detectable by human ears, which makes it ideal for watching TV/movies/video without any audio lag.

While, to achieve no audio lag effect: 

1. Ensure your Bluetooth headphone is also aptX LL supported. If your Bluetooth headphone does not support aptX LL, you will experience a noticeable latency between sound and picture.

For example, Bose QC35 only supports SBC with 220ms latency, when you use Bose QC35 with Priva III/IIA for TV/movies, you may experience the audio lag.

Refer to below link for list of headphones support aptX LL codec:

You may also consider Avantree Audition Pro which supports aptX LL. 


2. If your Bluetooth headphone claims to support aptX LL codec but you still experience a noticeable lag, please check whether Priva III/IIA works using aptX LL codec from the Priva III/IIA LED status - LED on Priva III/IIA should flash WHITE twice every 5 seconds.

If Priva III/IIA is not using aptX LL,

 1) please clear paired history of Priva III/IIA and repair it with your headphone.

 2) Check whether your headphone manufacture has put aptX LL codec at first priority, some headphone manufacturers put SBC codec but not aptX LL at first priority for better compatibility.


What latency will I have when Bluetooth devices work using different codec? Refer to this link pls:




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