Oasis Plus - Guide - Transmitter - How to connect to TV?



Power up

Connect the Oasis Plus to the USB port on your TV using the USB charging cable. Once connected, your Oasis Plus should power on / off along with the TV.

Connecting the Oasis Plus to your TV

Before proceeding to the next step, please check and see which option your TV supports. AUX, RCA, or Optical?

If your TV supports more than one option, you may choose any ONE of them.

Important Note: Select the correct audio input mode (AUX / OPT) by short press button.

Option A:  AUX audio out

Take the 3.55 mm AUX cable we provided, connect one end to your TV's 3.5mm audio out port, and the other end to the AUX port on your Oasis Plus.

Option B : RCA audio out

First, connect the BLACK end of the RCA cable with the 3.5 mm AUX cable; both cables are provided inside the box.

Next, connect the RCA end to the RCA ports on your TV, white on white, red on red. Please ONLY use the ports labeled "AUDIO OUT," the other ones will NOT work.

Finally, connect the other end of the cable with the AUX port on the Oasis Plus.

Option C : Optical audio out

Take the OPTICAL cable we provided, connect one end to the Optical Port on your TV, and the other end to the optical port on your Oasis Plus.

( Important note: If you can't hear anything through your headphones after connecting, please go to your TV's settings menu and set your TV audio as PCM or LPCM format)




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