DAC02 - Troubleshooting - Why not working, no sound or sound with noisy?


1) This item doesn’t support compressed digital audio formats like Dolby or DTS, please set your TV/Blu-Ray/DVD/CD player’s audio format to “PCM/LPCM”.E.g. Settings | Options | Menu > Sound > Audio Format (menu depends on TV brand/model) 



2) Change your TV’s audio OUTPUT setting from TV speaker to "External Speaker" or "External Speakers(optical)".

E.g. Settings | Menu | Option > Sound > Speakers > External Speaker / External Speaker(optical) (menu depends on TV brand/model).



3)Ensure the correct input type is selected. Slide input selection switch on DAC02 to “optical” (or “coaxial”) .



4) The power indicator of DAC02 should be ON. If not, check that the DAC02 is connected to a USB power source and slide the power switch to the “ON” position.

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