HM100PS - How to use the interphone function?


For interphone function, please make sure you have bought two HM100PS.


  1. Under any status, press and hold the MFB button for 10s on your first speakerphone, LED indicator blinks RED and BLUE alternately, keep pressing until the BLUE light on.
  2. Press and hold the MFB button for 6s on another speakerphone till the LED indicator blinks RED and BLUE alternately. They will be auto connected.
  3. Once connected, the LEDs of both HM100PS will flash BLUE twice every 4s.


  1. You can also connect your phone with HM100PS first as above, and connect another HM100PS as interphones simultaneously.
  2. The interphone range is supposed to be 10M in theoretically perfect situation, but normally the effective range is about 7-8M.

Basic operation

Button  Function Operation
  Send out intercom Double click 
  Cancel intercom Press once when sending out intercom
MFB Answer intercom Press once
  End intercom Press once
  Reject intercom Press and hold the MFB for about 2 seconds when receiving intercom
V+ Volume Up Press once
V- Volume down Press once


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