Can I use Apple AirPods with Avantree Bluetooth Transmitter?


YES, you can use Airpods with Avantree Oasis Plus, Oasis, Audikast, Priva III/IIA,Leaf, DG40s。


Use AirPods with Avantree Bluetooth transmitter: 

  1. Make sure all previous devices paired to AirPods are Bluetooth-off.
  2. Put the AirPods in their case, then flip the lid up and press and hold the small button on the bottom rear of the charging case until the little LED light starts flashing WHITE.
  3. Put Avantree Bluetooth transmitter into PAIRING MODE(refer to User Guide of Bluetooth transmitter).
  4. Wait until LED on transmitter(refer to User Guide of Bluetooth transmitter) and AirPods indicate they are connected.
  5. Then you can enjoy the audio from your AirPods (sometimes after 5-15sec)


Volume Control: 

If you use TV optical output, then we recommend Oasis Plus/Oasis/Audikast. Now the TV volume setting is FIXED, your can neither increase it nor lower it via TV remote control.

You can adjust the volume by short pressing +/- button on Oasis Plus, however you can NOT do that on Oasis or Audikast. 


If you use TV AUX/3.5mm /RCA output, then we recommend Oasis Plus/Oasis. You may or may not use the TV remote control to adjust the volume, which depends on your TV. Some TV support this function, while some TV does not. And you CAN adjust the volume via volume control +/- on Oasis Plus/Oasis.


If you use PC USB output, then we recommend DG40s/DG50/Audikast/Priva III. Now, you can adjust the volume on PC. 






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    Joseph Peletis

    Furthermore is it able to dual connect to two sets of airpods?

  • Avatar
    Sergii krav

    When i use avantree in ps4 + airpods maximum sound is very low. How to increse it?