DG40S - Guide - Stream music from phones (Win 7/8/XP)


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How to setup the dongle DG40S to use your laptop as a speaker? This setting will route the audio from your mobile phone to your laptop's speakers and mic.

Step1: Install BlueSoleil on your Laptop , right click Bluetooth icon and select '' turn on Bluetooth'' , then open ''Display classic View''.


Step2: Open your phone Bluetooth function.

Step3: Right click the orange globe to select ''Search Devices'', your phone should appear as a new icon.

Step4: Right click the phone’s icon and select ''Search Services'', a number for the available services appear in the corner.

Step5: Right click the phone’s icon again and select ''Pair''.

Step6: Click ''Pair'' on the phone, then click ''OK'' on the PC.

Step7: Click the paired devices name ''stacy''(your laptop’s name) on the phone , then click ''Yes'' on the PC.

Now the PC connects with your phone, you can using the PC’s speakers and mic for listening and talking.

Notes: Make sure the on board speakers of your PC are selected as the "default" playback device.


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