TR509 - Guide - How to use


Keywords: TR509, swimming earphone, music, eartips, mp3

1. There 2 kinds of earbuds with S, M, L sizes. Before use, please choose the most comfortable ear tips.

2. Wear them securely underneath your swim cap, to avoid water going inside at the most extent.

2. Plug it tightly into any waterproof audio source, like waterproof MP3 player, iPod Shuffle, mobile phone with waterproof pouch.

3. After each session of use please REMOVE the silicone eartips and SHAKE THE EARBUDS 3-5 TIMES TO EXPEL the excess water from the earphones and place them somewhere to dry. This will ensure your earphones last as long as possible.

4. After swimming in the sea or ocean please SOAK earphones in clean water for about 30 minutes to prevent salt water damage. Then REPEAT step 3 before storage.

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