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Oasis supports two links with MOST* Bluetooth headphones and SOME* Bluetooth speakers on the market. The reason of two links less compatible with speakers vs. headphones is most headphones are using Qualcomm solutions and speakers' bluetooth solutions varies a lot. Here is a step by step guide, using two Avantree Audition Pros Headphones as an example.

1. Pair the first Audition Pro

(1) Oasis-

  • Slide TX/RX switch to the "TX" position.
  • Slide Power/mode switch to the "Bluetooth" position.
  • Select the correct audio input mode (AUX/OPT) by short Pressing the button (Very Important)
  • Set Oasis into pairing mode, TX LED flash GREEN / WHITE alternately fast.                    

        --First-time use: Oasis will auto enter pairing mode (with clear memory).

        --Afterward: press button for 3 seconds.

(2) Set the first Audition Pro into pairing mode - Press & hold button 5~7s until LED flash BLUE & RED alternately.

(3) After connected, LED indicators on Oasis will be shown as below:

2.  Pair the second Audition Pro

(1) Press  button for 3 seconds on Oasis to set Oasis into pairing mode again, TX LED flash GREEN / WHITE alternately fast.

(2) Set the second Audition Pro into pairing mode - Press & hold button 5~7s until LED flash BlUE & RED alternately.

(3) Waiting for 10-20 seconds, after connected, you will seeLEDs A and B are both on.

Tips: If it is difficult to pair the second Audition Pro, Please turn off the first paired Audition Pro and turn on after the second one connected.

If Oasis works with each individual Bluetooth device well, but not with two together, you can consider one the following solutions - 

1. One off Connection Issue

Solution: Once two devices are connected with Oasis, please turn Oasis off and then turn it back on again. This might fix the issue.

2. Firmware upgrade

To achieve the best sound quality, Oasis is designed to support high quality SBC (standard Bluetooth Codec)Two high quality SBC transmissions could be too crowded for dual links hence the issue.

Solution: A firmware upgrade will bring the transmission down to middle level SBC. It will slightly decrease the sound quality but fix your dual link issue. The DFU version is V30.

Pls do NOT upgrade it unless you confirmed with support@avantree.com 

3. Compatibility issue

Non-compatible wireless solution is used in the device and it does not support Oasis dual link. Oasis is CSR / Qualcomm based and works better with other CSR based devices. Most mid-high end Bluetooth headphones are CSR based. There are many Bluetooth speakers are not CSR based so dual link function is not as great with speakers as with headphones. 


3.1 Stream to two Bluetooth speakers

1. Use an audio splitter and two bluetooth transmitters. One to each speaker. To avoid audio delay, pls choose aptX Low Latency devices

2. Use two aptX low latency receiver (e.g. Avantree Roxa Plus, Clipper Pro, etc.) and Bluetooth-enable your speakers.

3.2 Stream to one Bluetooth headphone + one speaker  

Solution: Get Oasis Plus instead of Oasis because Oasis plus support Bluetooth and wired bypass simultaneously 

NOTE: By pass mode is for AUX to AUX OR OPT to OPT only. No build in DAC so Oasis plus does not support AUX input but OPT output, or OPT input but AUX output.  



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    Joshua James

    Will this pair with a Samsung r3 Bluetooth speaker? Typically to pair with the r3 you select it from a device's Bluetooth menu instead of auto connecting. Seeing as the Oasis does not have a way to select certain devices I'm curious if it will connect at all