HT3189 - Guide - Add the 2nd pair of headphones


Sure, you can add a 2nd pair of headphones to HT3189. 

To achieve no audio lag effect, your 2nd pair of headphones MUST also support FastStream codec with less than 40ms latency, otherwise BOTH headphones will work using SBC codec with about 200ms latency.

For headphones support FastStream codec, you may consider one of the following -

  • Avanrtree HS063,
  • Avantree ANC031,
  • Avantree ANC032  

Adding a 2nd headphone to work with the HT3189:

  1. Power the transmitter from a USB port and turn it on.
  2. Enter the transmitter into PAIRING MODE manually - Press and hold the MFB button for 5 seconds until the LED flashes RED and BLUE.Pairing.gif
  3. Enter your 2nd set of headphones into Bluetooth PAIRING MODE
    (please refer to your headphones' user manual. E.g. If your 2nd headphones are AS9S that included in the HT4189, pls enter it into Bluetooth PAIRING MODE -from its OFF state, press and hold the MFB for 5 seconds until the LED flashes RED and BLUE alternately, and you hear “Pairing” from the headphones.

  4. Keep the devices close together and wait. Their fast flashing LEDs should slow down at the same time indicating they are paired and connected. (If one device exits pairing mode while the other stays in pairing mode, then the exited device was disturbed by another Bluetooth device at home. Please make sure you turn off the Bluetooth functions from your cellphone, computer, TV, etc. to avoid this.)  
  5. Once connected, the LED on the transmitter will turn SOLID BLUE.


As a set, whenever the headphone and transmitter in HT3189 are turned on, they always auto-reconnect. The 2nd paired headphone should also auto-reconnect to the transmitter once turned on. If not, click the main button once on the second headphone and the connection should be re-established. There is no need to re-pair them each time. 



If any more help needed, you may contact for help.


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