HT3189/4189/4186/280 - Troubleshooting - Can I have my TV speaker working simultaneously with Bluetooth transmitter?


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Getting audio from both your TV speakers and headphones simultaneously may be a bit challenging but we'll cover your options here.

For most older models of TV, the built-in speaker is muted once you plug anything into an audio output port (AUX, RCA, Optical, etc.). Some newer TVs however, may give you the option to play audio from both the TV's internal speakers and an external audio device simultaneously. LG is better than Samsung here. 

This is a TV feature - availability depends on manufacturer and TV brand/model

Please try to change your TV settings or contact your TV manufacturer for more details.

Based on our experience, LG TVs often have this feature but Samsung TVs often do not.

Here is an example of how to change this setting for the LG 55" LA6500. How to change audio settings on LG TV;


If this doesn't work then try the workarounds below:

Method 1. Try to connect the transmitter to your TV box / AV receiver or other audio device instead of connecting directly to your TV's audio OUT.

Method 2. Try to use an audio splitter and an external speaker at the same time. 

  • For AUX Output

Use an audio splitter (e.g. Avantree TR302) to share the TV's audio between an EXTERNAL SPEAKER and the HT3189. The splitter in this example is a 3.5mm audio splitter.


302.jpg                  audio_splitter.jpg

  • For RCA Red/White AUDIO OUT


Method 3. Use two Bluetooth headphones

Most Avantree Transmitters (e.g. Priva III, 3189, Oasis, Audikast) support dual link. So you can get two Bluetooth headphones as a workaround.

Method 4. Return HT3189 and consider Oasis Plus + Audition Pro

Use bypass function of Avantree Oasis Plus with an EXTERNAL SPEAKER to share the TV audio in addition to the Bluetooth headphone.


If any more help needed, you may contact for help. Also, to make sure all our users can use Avantree products properly, we offer Avantree Online Clinic to help you with your set up / installation FREE of Charge, click below link for details:








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