Priva III/IIA - Troubleshooting - Cannot pair


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The MOST common causes are: 

  1. Priva III/IIA did not enter PAIRING MODE;
  2. Your Bluetooth headphone/speaker did not enter PAIRING MODE;
  3. Your Bluetooth headphone/speaker or Priva III/IIA is connected to other unwanted Bluetooth device;
  4. Affected by around wireless devices, e.g. wifi router.

Now, turn off all other around Bluetooth devices and keep the Priva III/IIA away from wifi router, then follow below steps to pair Priva III/IIA and your Bluetooth headphone/speaker again: 

  1. Reset/clear paired history of Priva III/IIA
  2. Reset/clear paired history of your Bluetooth headphone/speaker - refer to its user manual.
  3. Enter Priva III/IIA into PAIRING MODE, LED will flashes RED and BLUE alternately. 318-1.gif
  4. Enter your Bluetooth headphone/speaker into PAIRING MODE - refer to its user manual, normally LED shall flashes (two color) quickly.
  5. Keep them close and wait for connect. Once connected, indicator on Priva III/IIA flashes ONCE or TWICE per 5 seconds.



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