Priva III/IIA - Troubleshooting - Dead/cannot turn on/not charging


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The most FREQUENT causes are: 

Did not power the Priva III - Priva III does NOT have built-in battery, it requires constant USB power, please plug it into your TV’s USB port or a compatible USB charger (5V/0.5-2A) with the included Micro USB power cable, then slide ON/OFF switch to "ON" position. 

Faulty power cable: Try a different USB power cable, does it work now?

If all above fails, contact for FREE replacement pls, Avantree guarantees a 2-year warranty. 



If any more help needed, you may contact for help. Also, to make sure all our users can use Avantree products properly, we offer Avantree Online Clinic to help you with your set up / installation FREE of Charge, click below link for details:


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    Alan Andrews

    I tried a new power cable but that did not solve the problem. Still no power light on the transmitter and no connection with the headset.