HT3189 - Troubleshooting - Not working / no sound / not connected


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Pls note that if you switch audio source, e.g. from Netflix to Cable, TV will reset the audio settings. SO you need to RE-DO the TV audio settings again.

Note: If you go through all the following troubleshooting but still no sound, please send the following pictures to us for double check.

1.The LED status of the transmitter and headphones.

2.Your TV sound settings show external speaker /headset.


Before getting into it, take a look at this VIDEO GUIDE, and try setting up again.

If it still can't work, please follow the steps below and let us figure out what exactly is wrong: 


1. Take a look at the led indicators on your Priva III transmitter and AS9S headphones. Are both of them lit SOLID BLUE?

If NOT, go to HT3189 - Troubleshooting - Fail to reconnect.

If YES, go to 2.

2. Did you connect your Priva III transmitter to your TV? There are 2 ways to do it, please only use ONE.

Method 1: AUX                            Method 2: RCA



3.Adjust your TV settings

Note:The below setion is only a general idea of what it may look like; different TV brands will have different menus.

3.1 For AUX: 

Adjust your Speakers setting to "Headset"

3.2 For RCA:

Make sure you only use the RCA ports labeled "AUDIO OUT," other ones won't work! And adjust your Speakers setting to "External speakers"


4.If still not sound after the above setting, please plug a pair of wired headphones to TV's AUX/RCA port directly to hear if it produce sound normally.  


IF your answers have all been YES and set up properly so far yet there's no sound, it's time to call your TV manufacturer! Not sure what to ask them? Don't worry, we've got your back! please see below:

If you're using AUX connection: How can I make the TV audio come out through headphones?

If you're using RCA connection: How can I set my audio out to "external speakers?" How can I make the TV audio come out through RCA output?


For more details about set up, please check it by -  HT3189 - Guide - How to connect to TV / AV Receiver.

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    Richard Hager

    Everything worked fine for about one month. The other day I put on headphones and no audio. Headphones did not say "welcome to Avantree" and would not connect. At first I tried charging. Headset said "welcome to Avantree" but lights blinked red and blue consistently. Only works when I plug in directly. Any suggestions?