Audition / AS9 - Guide - Connect two phones simultaneously


How to pair and connect Audition (BTHS-AS9) with two Phones simultaneously?

STEP 1 Pair your Audition with the first phone using the MFB or NFC as follows,

Using the MFB

Using the NFC

 STEP 2 Repeat the process to pair your Audition to the second phone

STEP 3 Turn off and turn on your Audition.Your Audition will now automatically connect with either or both of the two paired phones when in range.

STEP 4 Audio priority is given to the second phone. To switch, manually connect or disconnect from the Audition via Bluetooth settings on the first or second phone.


1. Audition has one audio channel. If you want to play music from another phone, please pause the current divice's music first.

2. While you have connected two phones simultaneously, Audition will give top priority to the phone call. When you are streaming music, if there's an incoming call, Audition will pause music automatically. You can press MFB once to answer the call. After you finish the call, the music will go on.

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