Joytune user manual (English)



Avantree Joytune User Manual

Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit with FM Transmitter


1. Product overview


     Multi-function button (MFB)    
      Volume up
     Volume down
       LED indicator
        Charging socket
       FM button


2. Accessories

1. USB car charger
2. USB charging cable
3. Visor clip

Note: All accessories are also available on


3. Pairing and connecting

Step 1 Ensure the car kit is off.

Step 2 Press and hold MFB button for 7-10s until LED indicator flashes blue and red alternately.

Step 3 Activate Bluetooth on your phone and select “Avantree Joytune”.

Step 4 Once successfully paired and connected, you will hear “Phone is ready for use”.


 Auto power on (Built-in motion sensor)

Once paired and connected, Joytune will auto power on and reconnect to your phone when car door is open.


4. How to use FM transmitter

The FM transmitter of Joytune auto selects the clearest FM channel and transmits calls and music to the car FM stereo.

Step 1 Pair and connect Joytune with your mobile phone as above.

Step 2 Turn on the FM function – press and hold FM button for 2s, Joytune will select and announce the clearest channel.

Step 3 Tune your car radio to the announced FM frequency.

Change FM frequency

FM channels could get crowded in big city. Reselect by click on FM button once to chose the next clearest channel. If your radio supports RDS it will automatically adjust to the new frequency. If it doesn’t, you have to manually set the radio to the new frequency.


• In FM mode, volume can’t be adjusted by V+ and “V-“.
• If there is no transmission (call or music) FM transmitter function will automatically turn off about 10 minutes later.


5. Phonebook downloading

When Joytune is connected with a mobile phone first time, it would automatically download the phonebook. It would announce “Loading phonebook, please wait” and the blue LED will be steady on when receiving the phonebook.

Sometimes you may want to:
Update phonebook – Press and hold the V- button for 2s.
Removing phonebook – Hold on both V+ and V- buttons for 2s.

Note: the phonebook data saved in Joytune will be replaced automatically when it is paired with another mobile phone.
6.Enable/disable voice prompts

Press and hold the V+ button for 4s until you hear “Voice prompt on” or “Voice prompt off”.

7. Change voice prompt language

Press and hold the V+ button for about 2 seconds until the blue LED flashes 3 times to enter the next language.
Repeat action to enter the next language. Five languages are available – English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.


8.How to use

Button Function Operation
MFB  Power on/off Press and hold MFB for 3s
MFB  Answer a call Press MFB once
MFB Reject a call Press and hold MFB for 3s
MFB Re-dialing Press MFB once
MFB  End a call Press MFB once
V+ Volume up Press V+ once
V- Volume down Press V- once
MFB Play/pause music Press MFB once
V+ Previous track In FM mode, press V+ once
V- Next track FM mode, press V- once
V+ & V- Night driving mode          Shortly press V- and V+ together
FM Button  Voice dialing (phone feature)  Double click FM button

Note: some functions are mobile dependent and may not work with some phones. Contact us at for details.


9.Restore to default settings

You may need to reset Joytune if it is not working as expected. When Joytune is reset to factory default settings, all the paired mobile phone’s information will be erased.

Step 1 Press and hold both V+ and V- for about 10 seconds until the Blue LED flashes fast, then release the buttons.

Step 2 Press and hold both V+ and V- for about 2 seconds, it will announce “Set factory default complete”. Then release the buttons.


10.How to charge

When the LED blinks red and Joytune prompts “Battery low”, you should recharge your Joytune. Please charge the Joytune using the supplied car charger or a PC USB port. It normally takes about 3 hours to fully charge the battery. The LED will stay red when charging and will turn off when charging is complete.

Note: AC adapter requirement 5V / 500mA-2A.


11. Product specification

• Bluetooth specification V2.1+EDR
• Operating frequency band: 2.4GHz unlicensed ISM band
• Operation range: Class 2 Power Output, up to 10 meters
• Support profiles: HSP, HFP 1.5, A2DP and AVRCP Profiles
• Languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish
• Integrated phonebook: Stores up to 1000 contacts
• FM bands:
- BTCK-19T-EU: 87.5-108MHz
- BTCK-19T-US: 87.5-108.1MHz
- BTCK-19T-JP: 76-90MHz
• Built in speaker and microphone
• Standby time: up to 400 hours
• Talk time: up to 8 hours
• Charger voltage: DC 5.0V 500mA
• Battery: Li-ion, 550mAh@3.7V
The talk and standby time may vary when used with different mobile phones or other compatible Bluetooth devices, usage settings, usage styles and environments.

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