Audition / AS9 - Guide - How to make Skype calls


Make Skype calls by Bluetooth Mode

1. Some PC systems change the sound setting automatically, then you can make Skype calls immediately.
2. For other PC systems you will need to change the sound setting first. Go to Skype Tools > Options > Sound Devices setting.

  • 1) If you use PC own's Bluetooth, please change “Audio in” / “Audio Out” / “Ringing”  to “Avantree Audition” and save it.
  • 2) If you use an external Bluetooth Dongle on your PC, please change  “Audio in” / “Audio Out” / “Ringing”  to dongle's name, such as"Bluetooth Audio” and save it.

You can then make Skype calls.

Audio settings

Some people find Audition’s microphone unusable or horrible when doing a Skype call or On-line call.Actually they didn’t choose correct Audio settings, so even they are doing a call on line, they just use the Microphone of the PC itself,Which will cause complaints from the other end about the ambient noise or very small sound.So You should make sure the Audio settings is correct.

Step 1: For the Microphone, choose Headset(Avantree Audition Hands-free)

Step2: For speakers, choose Headset(Avantree Audition Hands-free)

Make Skype calls by Wired Mode

√ The 3.5mm audio jack of Audition can also support microphone. If you use it as wired headphones for Skype call, you need an audio cable with microphone. 

 You can buy one from Amazon here:

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  • Avatar
    Alexandru Cazan

    If I follow this guide, I can only use the microphone on my Audition on Skype. I cannot hear anything unless I choose the Headset for Speakers, not the Headphones.
    Also when using my Audition with Skype, I cannot hear any other sound. Please respond to this issue or I will return the headset...

  • Avatar
    Phoebe Avantree

    Hi,Alexandru, could you pls kindly reach us at email so that we can help you resolve the issue? As different windows operation system and the type of your bluetooth Dongle will make different results,
    And most built-in bluetooth function of some pc are not stable (except Apple products), it's better for customers to use a bluetooth dongle at this point.