How to connect Bluetooth headset to Mac?


Model Name: MacBook Air
System Version: OS X 10.9.3 (13D65)
Bluetooth headset: Jogger Pro
Step 1 Turn on Bluetooth of Mac.

Step 2 Get the headset into pairing mode.
Normally from off, press and hold On/Off button for 7-10s until LED blinks blue and red alternately.
Step 3 Open Bluetooth preferences of Mac and it will search Bluetooth devices automatically.

Step 4 Select the headset from the list and pair.

Step 5 Once done, you can stream music and any other audio from Mac.

Note: If you want to identify what kind of audio codec they use, you can press and hold alt button from Mac keyboard and then click Bluetooth LOGO from the up area and get the mouse to the headset, you will find out the active codec.

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