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Avantree Torpedo User Manual

Bluetooth Mini Soundbar

1. Bluetooth speaker overview

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2. Power On/Off

Power ON: Press and hold POWER MODE for 3–5s, and you will hear a four-tone beep to indicate it has switched on. Torpedo will automatically go into pairing mode if no device is connected.

Power OFF: Press and hold POWER MODE for 3–5s, and you will hear a four-tone beep to indicate it has switched off.

3. Pair and connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices

STEP1 Get Torpedo into paring mode – From off, press and hold the POWER MODE button for 3–5 seconds until the LED indicator flashes blue and red alternately.


SEP 2 Activate Bluetooth on your phone/PC/notebook and select ‘Avantree Torpedo’.
STEP 3 Once connected, the LED indicator will stay on.

1. Make sure your PC/notebook is Bluetooth enabled and supports A2DP profile,
otherwise you may need a Bluetooth audio adapter. For details on how to set up
with your PC/notebook, please see
2. In order to save power, the speaker will auto switch off once disconnected or if no
audio has been transmitted for over 15 minutes.

Reconnect Bluetooth
Whenever you turn Torpedo on again it will be automatically reconnected to the latest device.


 4. Connect with non-Bluetooth-enabled devices

When the device is not Bluetooth enabled, it can be connected to the speaker by using the 3.5 mm audio cable. The speaker will automatically switch to the external audio input mode and the indicator will stay on.


                    3.5mm audio cable


5. Connect with two mobile phones simultaneously

STEP1 Connect Torpedo with the first phone as above. Then turn off Blueooth of the
first phone.
STEP2 Connect Torpedo with the second phone as above.
STEP3 Turn on Bluetooth of the first phone and manually connect it with Torpedo.

6. How to switch sound modes

Once connecting successfully with another device, you can press the POWER MODE button to switch sound modes:

Sound Mode Status of LED
Balance Audio Red
Super Bass Green
3D Surround Blue

If you want to adjust volume or switch to previous / next track, please operate on your phone/PC/notebook or other devices.


7. How to charge

If the battery is lower than 3.6 V, beep sound will come out every 30 seconds. Please charge the speaker via the micro USB charging port DC 5 V by using the micro USB cable. It normally takes about 3 hours to fully charge the battery. The indicator near the charging port will stay red when charging and will turn off when fully charged.



When the battery power is less than 40%, the volume is automatically reduced 1.5 db.

8. How to reset

You may need to reset Torpedo if it is not working as expected. Please use a small needle inserting into the reset hole, and the speaker will be automatically reset to factory default settings.



9. Product specifications

Bluetooth version: 4.1
Support profiles: A2DP V1.2, AVRCP V1.4
Built-in 2200 mA / 3.7 V rechargeable lithium battery
Working time on battery: up to 6 hours
Operational range: 10 metres
Output power: 5 W×2 THD<0.5%
Charger voltage: DC5V
Charge time: About 3 hours
Frequency response: 50 Hz~20 KHz
Signal-to-noise ration: >85 dB
Product weight: 470 g
Dimensions: 270 mm x 58 mm x 50 mm

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Dispose of the packaging and
this product in accordance with
the latest provisions




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