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Avantree Power Trek User Manual

Multiple USB Wall Charger

1.Product overview

2.Technical Specifications

Input AC 100-240 V ~1.2 A, 50/60 Hz
Output DC 5V, total 9.6 A, 5 USB output
Single port max. output 3 A, 5 smart ports
Smart-port: built-in smart identification IC, to charge your
mobile device at the fastest speed it needs
Product size 78.8 * 65.8 * 112.5 mm
Product weight Around 180g


3.How To Charge Mobile Devcies?

Step 1. Connect Power Trek to wall outlet via AC power cable.
Step 2. Connect mobile device to Power Trek charging port via correct USB charging              cable.

Note: Apple users, please use the original charging cable.

4.FAQ and Solutions

1). What’s the smart port?
The smart port built in a smart identification IC will automatically recognise how
many amps is needed to charge the mobile device. As it has wider compatibility,
it should be able to work with ALL known mobile devices on the market, such as
the older versions of Samsung Tab, 5V ASUS tablets and more. And it charges
the device at the fastest speed it needs.

2). Can I use Power Trek to charge my Bluetooth headset which just needs 500 mA?
Yes. The smart ports can charge it.

3). If only using one USB, what is the output current?
Single USB output is max. 3 A.

4). If using 5 USB ports at the same time, what is the output for each?
Power Trek will allot 8 A to all the output ports intelligently. That means if the device is a tablet, the max. output will be 2.1 A or 2.4 A. If the device is a mobile phone, the max. output can be 1 A, 2A or 3A (according to your phone's need).

For more FAQ information, please refer to support.avantree.com

5.General Important Safety Notes

1). Do not expose or use Avantree Power Trek under high temperatures or humid
environments. Do not place it under the sunshine.
2). Do not expose the product to fire or submerge it in liquid.
3). Do not disassemble the product in any manner, and avoid external shocks.
4). Keep out of reach of children.
5). The product will be slightly warm when charging and discharging. It is normal.




Our company provides customers with a warranty of 12 MONTHS from the date of purchase.

7.Contact us

For any inquiries or comments concerning our products, please send an email to support@avantree.com, and we will respond to you within 24 hours.






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