Audition / AS9 - Guide - Use with Win 10


How to use Audition(BTHS-AS9) with Windows 10 Laptop (window’s own driver) ?

  1. Find Bluetooth icon on right-bottom of screen.                                              
  2. Right-click and select “Add a Bluetooth Device”                                               
  3. Get your Audition into pairing mode – From off, press and hold MFB until the LED flashes BLUE and RED alternately.


And you will find “Avantree Audition” ready to pair.Then click “Pair” to connect.

  1. Right-click on speaker icon, and click “Playback devices”
  2. Please set Avantree “Audition Hands-Free” as a Default Communications Devices, and “Avantree Audition Stereo” as Default Device                             
  3. Now you can stream music or make a Skype call.

Normally Skype will auto select Audition Hands-Free as playback device during a call. If no sound from Skype, please double check the audio settings as below steps.


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