Why the audio quality is so low when you use Audition with your Macbook?


There are two profiles for Audition ,The headset profile is for making calls, The A2DP profile  is  for stereo audio. Please be noted that these two profiles cannot work at the same time.  When you choose the headset profile, you can use the microphone and talk well, but at the same time, there will not be stereo output which means the audio quality in that way is much less clearer and lower. So please follow the following steps

1. Pair headset with MacPro or MacBook computer 
2. Open System Preferences 
3. Open Sound 
4. In the OUTPUT tab, select Avantree 
5. In the INPUT tab, Select Internal microphone if you wanna just listen to music.

(If you wanna make online calls, please chooose both input and output as Avantree)

This is not the drawback of our headphones, but is the limitation of the BLUETOOTH technology which all Bluetooth headphones  are in the same case.

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