BTHS-AS30 User Manual (English)


User Manual in PDF


1. Product overview


What’s in the box -

Avantree BTHS-AS30

Micro USB charging cable

Silicone ear buds

Carrying case

User manual


2. Working with mobile phone

It is important to pair the headset with your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone for first time use.

 2.1 Pairing procedure:

Step 1: Ensure the headset is off.

Step 2: Press and hold the MFB button (about 5 - 7 seconds) until the LED blinks blue and red alternately.

Step 3: Active Bluetooth on your phone and select “Avantree AS30”. Once paired and connected, the headset will be automatically connected to your phone whenever you turn the headset on again, provided your phone is within range.

Note: The headset will auto power off if not connected with any device within 15 minutes.


3. Working with two mobile phones simultaneously

Step 1: Connect headset with the first phone as above. Then turn off the headset.

Step 2: Connect headset with the second phone as above.

Step 3: Tap and select “Avantree AS30” on the first phone to connect it.

Step 4: Now the headset has connected with the two phones simultaneously.

4. How to use

Button Function Operation

Power on Press and hold MFB 4s
Power off Press and hold MFB 3s
Answer a call Press MFB once
End a call Press MFB once
Reject a call Press and hold MFB 1s
Redial last number Double click MFB
Play / Pause music Press MFB once
V+ Volume up Press “Next” once
V- Volume down Press “Previous” once
Next Next track Press and hold “V+”
Previous Previous track Press and hold “V-”


5. Working with a PC or Laptop

5.1 Pairing procedure:

Step 1: Turn the headset off (press and hold MFB button for 3s)

Step 2: Press and hold MFB button for 5 - 7s until LED indicator flashes blue and red alternately.

Step 3: Active Bluetooth on your PC/notebook and select “Avantree AS30”.


Make sure PC/notebook is Bluetooth enabled and supports A2DP profile, otherwise you may need a Bluetooth audio adapter to add the feature on PC / notebook that do not. For details on how to set up with PC / notebook, please see


6. How to charge

When battery power is low, the LED indicator will flash red 3 times every minute and a two-beep sound will come up every minute. Please charge the headset via the supplied charging cable. It normally takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery. The LED will indicate red when charging and will turn off when charging is complete.

Charging requirement: You can plug our supplied Micro USB cable to your own USB chargers (wall charger/travel charger/car charger, etc) with 5V/500mA-2A or to a PC/Mac USB port. It is OK to use most mobile phone chargers on the market.


7. How to reset

You may need to reset the headset if it is not working as expected. Under paring mode (LED flashes blue and red alternately), double click the MFB button, and then power it off manually. Now your headset has been restored to its default settings. After powered on again, it will enter pairing mode directly.


8. Product Specification

  • Bluetooth V4.1 with EDR
  • Support profiles: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Operational range: Class 2, 10 meters
  • Talk time: up to 9hrs
  • Music time: up to 8hrs
  • Charge time: 2.5hrs
  • Headset weight: 24g
  • Headset size: 34mm (L) x 25mm (W) x 20mm (H)



The talk and standby times may vary when used with different mobile phones or other compatible Bluetooth devices and are also dependant on different usage styles, settings and operating environment.


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