MultiPoint / How many device can a Bluetooth device pair to?

  1. Bluetooth devices can pair to and remember 7 devices at one time. If the 8th device try to pair to it, then the 1st paired will be washed from its memory. A RESET will clear its memory completely.  
  2. A Bluetooth device normally ONLY auto-reconnects to its last paired device. Auto-reconnect can be achieved when both sides are turned on. If not, a simple click will initiate the searching and do the trick most of the time.
  3. Some Bluetooth devices claim to be MultiPoint. MultiPoint means different things as a transmitter OR a receiver.
  4. As a transmitter, MultiPoint means it can send audio / data to more than 1 items at the same time. E.g, Bluetooth Transmitter Priva II is an Multipoint Bluetooth transmitter and it sends audio to two Audition Pro headphones at the same time. There could be an compatibility issue due to the fact that most multipoint transmitter are flash-chip based and program are self-modified. Normally, CSR / Qualcomm chipset based transmitter works well with same based receiver (speaker / headphones) 
  5.  As a receiver, MultiPoint feature means the device can connect to 2 transmitters at the same time. But ONLY ONE will work each time. E.g. Avantree BTCK-10BP is a multipoint Bluetooth car kit and it can connect to two cell phones at the same time. So you can use it for calls or music from any of these two phones, but One at a time.
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