User manual for PowerPlant (CGPS-TR619)


1. Product Overview

2. Package Contents
① Avantree Bamboo PowerPlant with USB charger
② AC cable and AC adapter
③ 10 pcs velcro cable ties
④ User manual

3. Technical Specification

4. How to charge mobile Devcies?
Step 1. Connect power cable with power adapter.
Step 2. Plug power AC cable into power plant power port.
Step 3. Turn on the switch.
Step 4. Connect mobile device to PowerPlant charging port via connecting USB charging cable.

5. How to make full use of the velcro

6. FAQ and Solutions
1). How many devices can I charge simultaneously?
Power plant can charge up to ten devices at one time.
2). When using only one USB port, what is the output current?
Single USB output is max 3A,
3). If using 8 USB ports at the same time, what is the output charge for each?
PowerPlant will intelligently allot 14A across the ports. That means if the device is a tablet, the max output will be 2.1A or 2.4A. The USB ports have \ built-in smart identification IC, and will automatically determine how many amps are needed to charge each device, so that they will charge
at the fastest rate possible.
4). Can it work with 100V or 220V?
It can work with universal voltage from 100V-240V.

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7. Warranty
Our company provides customers with a warranty of 12 MONTHS from
the date of purchase

8. Contact us
For any inquiries or comments concerning our products, please send an
email to, and we will respond to you within 24


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