Leaf - Troubleshooting - Can't adjust volume from PC?


There are two main reasons which could cause this issue.

1. Volume Mixer settings on PC

Window's Volume Mixer settings allows you to adjust the volume on a per app basis. Please ensure that your PC's Volume Mixer settings for the app playing audio has not been set too low.

(To access the Volume Mixer settings Right-click the speaker icon on the Taskbar -> Select "Open Volume Mixer" or "Volume Mixer")

2. Receiving Bluetooth device not accepting PC commands.

The Leaf is a USB audio transmitter for streaming digital audio (USB audio and Bluetooth audio), as a result the Leaf cannot be used to directly adjust the volume. When the Device volume is adjusted on the PC, the Leaf will PASS this command to the receiving Bluetooth device. If the receiving device doesn't accept this command from the PC for any reason, then this can also cause volume control issues. 

Device volume on PC

In this case, please try adjusting the volume from the playing app. e.g. YouTube on Chrome as shown below.


Any other questions, please contact us at support@avantree.com. Thanks.

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    Bose SoundLink Mini speaker, Windows 10 (version 1809, x64-based) 
    Thanks! I was able to change the volume of individual apps using the volume mixer in Windows 10. I was using my Bose with Leaf. It's strange that the volume doesn't change if I use the slider labelled "Device" in the mixer, but it works very well!

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    Laney Hu

    Hi, Karateka95. It should be because the receiving device does not support to accept the volume command from the other side. Thanks.