HT3189 - Guide - Power up / charge


Keywords: HT3189, charging, powering


Powering the Bluetooth transmitter:

The Bluetooth transmitter for the HT3189 set does NOT have a built-in battery, it requires USB power. Plug the transmitter into a TV USB port (preferred), phone charger, PC USB port or a USB outlet with 5V/0.5-2A output using the included USB charging cable.


Charging the headphones:

If you hear the “low battery” voice prompt from the headphones, please charge them as soon as possible. You can use a phone charger, a USB port from your PC or TV or any USB outlet with 5V/500mA-2A output using the included USB charging cable.

It takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge the headphones. The LED will turn RED during charging and turn off once charging is complete.





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