Oasis - DFU - v32.2 (do NOT upgrade before consulting Support!)


Do NOT upgrade unless you are told to by Avantree support to do so.

This firmware upgrade version can solve below problems.

  1. Echo dot / Echo - Echo (Dot), as Bluetooth transmitter, doesn't work with Oasis as a Bluetooth receiver.
  2. Short range / cut off after connected to Oasis
  3. Beats Bluetooth headphones doesn't adjust volume
  4. Some MP3 players like AGPTEK (as Bluetooth transmitter) can not pair Oasis (as a Bluetooth receiver)

All above are is for Lot number 16XX, 17XX(XX=J1, K1...), it is solved from Lot number 18XX(XX=B1, D1,D2...). 

Here is a step by step guide:

Step 1. Please download and install below app to your computer :-


Step 2. Please download below file to your computer and remember your saved path:-


 Step 3. Open the doc file and follow the instruction step by step:-

http://www.avantronics.com/software-driver/Oasis DFU v32.2 instruction.docx


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