Oasis - DFU - v30 - multipoint


Do NOT upgrade unless you are told to by Avantree support to do so.

(1) Connetion is not stable/ cut off

After connected with two devices, the LED A and B are lit up on Oasis

If one device is cut off sometimes and only one LED B is lit up. then A might be occupied by other unknow device.

Solution- Clear pairing histroy for all devices and take all of them into a car and pair them in a shield environment, once paired, they shoud be work well.

(2) Compability issue

Bluetooth multi-point technology works best with products using the same brand of chipset utilizing the same audio codecs. Our Avantree Oasis uses a CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) chipset and high quality audio codecs (like AptX-LL) that give us very good audio quality.
If the Bluetooth devices you’re pairing with don’t use CSR and/or use a more lossy audio codec then audio issues may occur (e.g. one of the devices don’t work, the audio occasionally cuts out or there’s echo).

Solution-- We have a modified software version (version 30) which you use to flash onto the Oasis that activates a lower level audio codec. While this software version can increase compatibility across more devices the trade-off is that there may be a negative impact on audio quality.

Here are the steps for flashing.

Step 1. Please download and install below app to your computer


Step 2. Please download the file below to your computer noting the save path

please note you can not open this file directly, just to save and choose when you upgrade.

http://www.avantronics.com/software-driver/BTR023-v30 20170731.dfu


Step 3. Open the word file below and follow the step-by-step instructions

http://www.avantronics.com/software-driver/Oasis DFU v30 instruction.docx


After flashing please try to connect two devices with Oasis again. If there are any more issues, please email us at support@avantree.com.

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