Apico / AH8M - Troubleshooting - Can't work with my GPS navigator


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Confirm your GPS works with Apico or not

There are two types of Bluetooth devices - Transmitters and Receivers. 

Bluetooth Transmitters include - Bluetooth hardware in most Computers, TVs, Cellphones and also Bluetooth transmitters.

Bluetooth Receivers are Bluetooth headphones, speakers, etc. 

A Bluetooth transmitter streams audio and a Bluetooth receiver receives the audio stream. A receiver cannot pair with a receiver nor a transmitter with a transmitter. You can't make a Bluetooth speaker pair with a pair of Bluetooth headphones.  

Apico is a Bluetooth receiver and it only works with GPS navigator systems that can act as a Bluetooth transmitter, such as a. TomTom Via, TomTom Rider 400, TomTom Rider 450, TomTom Go, Tomtom Rider 410, Garmin Zumo series, etc.

To confirm if your GPS navigator system supports Bluetooth transmission please try the following:

1. Consult with the manufacturer of your GPS system.

2. Try pairing the GPS with your cellphone. If the cellphone audio can be sent to your Bluetooth GPS wirelessly, then your GPS only supports receiving Bluetooth and it will NOT work with the Apico.

3. If you have a pair of Bluetooth headphones handy, please try to pair it with your GPS system. If you can hear the GPS voice commands from the connected headphones, then it can also WORK with the Apico.

Still no sound?

If you have confirmed your GPS support Bluetooth transmission features and indicate as connected, but there is still no sound come out from Apico. Please check the GPS setting - Bluetooth device options - Only check the Headset profile.

Can't adjust volume?

For some GPS navigators with low Bluetooth version, under V3.0, it can't control volume of headphones with higher Bluetooth version, above 4.0.

Please kindly contact the manufacturer of your GPS navigator to confirm the Bluetooth version.


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