ADC04 - How to use ARC function?


TVs that support HDMI ARC can return the audio signal to the amplifier using the HDMI cable and the wiring is quite simple.



As the above pictures show,
1) connect the HDMI OUT on the converter to the HDMI (ARC) port on your TV.
2) connect your amplifier to the Coaxial/ Optical port using the respective audio cable.


Use ARC button to turn on / off the ARC function as indicated by the ARC LED light;

To use ARC function, make sure that:
1) ARC LED light must be on;
2) TV connected to HDMI output must support ARC and a HDMI 2.0 cable (24/26AWG, 19+1pin)must be used to connect HDMI output to ARC enabled HDMI input of the TV;
3) ARC audio is available from the SPDIF optical/coaxial output ONLY. AUX does NOT support ARC audio.                             

Please note, when using this ARC function, you may need to change some settings on your TV.

First, Turn on the TV’s HDMI-CEC function. In this example it’s under system, then expert settings.


Next, change the TV’s audio format and the HDMI audio format to PCM. Both of these are under system, sound then expert settings.



Finally change the audio device from TV speaker to Receiver (HDMI).

And that should complete the set up.

* It will Functionality varies depending on the TV model, please refer to your TV user guide for details.

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