ADC04 - My TV had a HDMI ARC ouput and DVD had a HDMI without ARC, is it work?


Yes, it will work. Your DVD is no need to have ARC function.

ADC04 can be setting up as an HDMI Video & Audio Splitter as the following connection. In this case, Neither your DVD/CD/TV Box(HDMI IN) nor your TV(HDMI OUT) is no need to have ARC function.


First, connect your Blu-ray/DVD Player (or other source) to the HDMI IN port on the converter with an HDMI cable.

Next connect the converter HDMI OUT to your TV also using an HDMI cable.

Then Connect your amplifier to either the Coaxial, the Optical or the Aux OUT port using the respective audio cable.

Now you can enjoy the video through your TV and the audio through your amplifier.

When do I use the ARC function?

If your TV have ARC function, you just need to use a HDMI cable to connect the HDMI OUT(ARC) of ADC04 to your TV's HDMI(ARC) port and the digital AUDIO OUT to your amplifier/audio receiver. In this case, HDMI IN needn't to be connected. More information, click



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