ADC04 - Why isn't it working? No sound or sound with noisy?


1. Audio Formats Not Compatible

When your audio formats are Dolby/DTS and you have no sound output, please set your TV Box/ Blu-Ray/DVD/CD player digital audio to “PCM/LPCM format” (please follow the user manual of your audio device to set PCM/ LPCM).

If audio input form TV and no sound, please set your Digital Audio Format to “PCM/LPCM format” using your TV remote control
Settings | Options | Menu > Audio > Expert Settings> Audio Format (menu depends on TV brand/model)


Our DAC04 can support to transfer the audio formats of Dolby/DTS, etc. but if your amplifier/audio receiver can't decode these audio format, it won't have sound output. So it this case, you need to set your digital audio format into “PCM/LPCM format”.


2. AUX can't work for DTS Dolby 5.1CH sound

AUX outputs support PCM 2CH stereo and SPDIF supports audio formats up to Dolby Digital 5.1CH or DTS 5.1CH; therefore when the incoming HDMI audio is 2CH stereo, the SPDIF and AUX outputs will work at the same time; when the incoming HDMI audio is higher than stereo and up to Dolby Digital Plus, the SPDIF will work, but the AUX output will not work;

Kindly note: DTS Dolby 5.1CH sound can ONLY be output by optical/coaxial jack.



3. ARC Problem

Use ARC button to turn on / off the ARC function as indicated by the ARC LED light; To use ARC function:

1) ARC LED light must be on;

2) TV connected to HDMI output must support ARC and a HDMI 2.0 cable(24/26AWG, 19+1pin)must be used to connect HDMI output to ARC enabled HDMI input of the TV;

3) ARC audio is available from the SPDIF optical/coaxial output ONLY. AUX does NOT support ARC audio. 



4. Not HDMI 2.0 Cable

Please confirmed the version of your HDMI cable. Both the HDMI IN (to Blu-ray/DVD Player /TV Box or others) and HDMI OUT( to TV) need a cable of HDMI 2.0(24/26AWG, 19+1pin).

NOTE: If your video format is 4K, it's best to have an HDMI cable around 6-10 feet or shorter since 4K does not consistently travel well across large distances greater than this due to bandwidth restrictions. 


5. No Power!

Be sure that ADC04 is connected to AC power using the including AC adapter and the power indicator shows red.


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