SP750 - Why not turn on / not working


Please check as below steps:

1.Please check and confirm if the AC adapter is connected firmly, if the LED lignt is not on, you may receive a defective AC adapter, we will arrange a replacement AC adapter to you.

2. Please check and confirm the 3.5mm audio cable is well connected.

3. Please connect it with your Bluetooth devices (smart phones or Bluetooth-enabled PC): 

   Rotate volume knob to turn on speaker --> Press and hold the MFB for 2 seconds, you will hear a tone and the LED light will flash BLUE --> Active Bluetooth on your devices and look for ''Avantree SP750” on the list of found devices, select it to connect

Note: SP750 will auto reconnect with the last paired device. If it fails to re-establish a connection, press MFB once to attempt to connect again. 

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