Avantree Product Warranty Policy


If you encounter any issue, please contact Avantree Technical support at support@avantree.com for diagnosis.

If the product is found to be defective, it may be eligible for our warranty coverage. 

Unless a different warranty period is stated in the user guide provided with your Avantree product, for a period of 12 months from the date of retail purchase, Avantree warrants that this product, when delivered to you in new condition, in original packaging, from either an Avantree Direct store or an Avantree authorized reseller and used in normal conditions, is free from any defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship.

*If you register the product on Avantree.com within the FIRST MONTH from the date of retail purchase, the warranty period will automatically be extended for another 12 months, to a total of 24 months.

The extended warranty registration can be done here.

However, this warranty does NOT cover:

  • Damage from misuse or abuse,
  • Damage from lack of reasonable care,
  • Damage from force majeure,
  • Damage from natural forces/disasters,
  • Damage from Inadequate repairs performed by unauthorized service centers.
  • Water damage on non-water-resistant products.
  • Theft or losing the item

* Please also note that this warranty is extended only to the original end-use purchaser or the person receiving the product as a gift, and should not be extended to any other person or transferee. 

Purchase made DIRECTLY through Avantree with valid order number

This applies to Avantree products purchased from:

  • Avantree.com
  • Avantree Direct Store on Amazon.com
  • Avantree Global Flagship Store on AliExpress.com
  • AvantreeDirect on Newegg.com
  • Avantree Direct Store on Walmart.com
  • Ebay.com (seller: Avantree)

Within the warranty period, the RMA process cost are as follows - 

Purchase within 6 months period of time

  • Avantree will cover the return & replacement shipment cost 
  • Avantree will cover the repair or replacement cost

Purchase over 6 months period of time

  • Customer will cover the return shipment cost to one of the following RMA centers
    • California, USA
    • Watford, UK
    • Vancouver, Canada
    • Hong Kong, China
  • Avantree will cover the replacement shipment cost to customer (same address as the purchase order)
  • Avantree will cover the repair or replacement cost


Purchase made from Avantree’s authorized resellers

Authorized resellers list: http://www.avantree.com/w2b.php 

  • For the Avantree products purchased through Avantree’s authorized resellers, the warranty program covers the first 12 months from the date of retail purchase.
  • Please make sure that you keep your original receipt in order to claim for warranty.
  • Please contact your seller or regional distributor directly for RMA replacements. In case you need to contact our technical support team, please email support@avantree.com.






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