Audition / AS9 - Troubleshooting - Short working time


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THANKS for choosing Avantree Products! Please DO NOT worry when any problems encountered during you use them because the device comes with 24 months warranty!  


There are THREE possibilities if the headset seems no longer hold a charge  

  1. The battery didn't fully recharged
  2. The battery life depends on the audio source type/ audio volume 
  3. The battery of the headset is a defective unit  


  1. Headphones is not properly well recharged?

It normally takes about 3 hours to fully charge the battery. The LED will stay red when charging and will turn off when charging is complete.


The headphones might be defective if no LED light at all when you charge the headphones or press and hold the MFB for 5s. In this case, please contact for RMA support.

We also suggest you to try with another USB cable because there is a higher chance the USB cord is broken than the headphone itself. 


     2. The battery life depends on the audio source type / audio volume

The battery life depends on how loud you listen to music. Listening at full volume will cause the battery to deplete faster compared to listening at half or 1/4 volume. Generally though, the battery life in wireless mode is around 40 hours of playback on 60% music volume. Since the Audition has WIRED Mode, so you can use the included 3.5mm AUX audio cable to stream music as a "WIRED Mode" once the internal battery is drained.



     3.The battery of the headset is a defective unit

If the charging cable works FINE and the headphones were charging for a good amount of time (no less than 3hrs) But the headphones still can't hold a reasonable enough time OR  they always randomly shut off in Bluetooth mode despite a full charge, it seems that the headset maybe a defective unit. Please contact for a replacement directly! 


If any of the above solutions is helpless please contact for help! 



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