Audition / AS9 - Video User Guide List


THANKS for choosing Avantree Products! Please DO NOT worry when any problems encountered during you use them because the device comes with 24 months warranty!  

  Video Guide Summary 

Use Audition with PC/ Mobile Device

  Bluetooth Transmitter Related- 

Use Audition with DG40S

  Mobile Phone Related- 

Use Audition with Phone

Pair Audition by NFC Function

  PC/ Laptop Related- 

Use Audition Pro with Windows PC - Music & Calls

Use Audition Pro with Windows 7/8 PC/Laptop - Pair & Connect

Use Audition Pro with MacBook - Pair & Connect

√  Reset/ Clear pairing history info- 

Rest/ Clear pairing history 

Under standby mode, press and hold V+ and V- together for about 7 seconds till the red and blue lights flash quickly about 2 times (seems pink). Now, your Audition has been restored to its default settings. After powered on again, it will enter pairing mode automatically.

√  Install the ear cushions 

install the ear cushions


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