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If you have difficulty to pair Avantree Oasis with your Bluetooth speaker or headphones, here are some troubleshooting methods:

1. Pairing Mode!!! - When you put Oasis and headphone / speaker into pairing mode, which one gets out of the pairing mode / fast flashing mode first? The one, that gets out of the pairing mode first indicates it is connected or is trying to connect with something else. This is the reason, why pairing is not working properly. So please disable the Bluetooth function from your cellphone / PC / TV or other bluetooth devices first so your Bluetooth headphone / speaker can stay in pairing mode. They should both get out of the pairing mode at the same time and that is a sign they are paired and connected. 

Oasis works as a transmitter in pairing mode:


Oasis works as a receiver in pairing mode:


Connected with device


We found out that many people believe their device is in pairing mode but it actually is not. Most device's pairing mode is shown as Blue and Red flashing fast together like below. You can easily find out the pairing mode of your device by searching google with " Device name Bluetooth Pairing Mode"  


If one of the device always gets out of pairing mode first and you are not sure which device it is connected to, you can RESET / clear pairing history of that device. How to do this, refer to product user manual or google it online. 


2. Reset and try - Oasis is a long range Bluetooth device and it might connect with something else even in your neighbor's. If you cannot find other device in the environment, the easy way to fix this is to RESET Oasis and also RESET / Clear pairing history of the intended to pair with Bluetooth devices. If you are not sure how to clear pairing history the other Bluetooth device, please search on google ' Brand model + clear pairing history' It is important to clear pairing history of BOTH and try to pair again. 


3. Use a signal shielded place - If both devices stays in pairing mode for a long time and do not pair, and there is no Bluetooth device in your household might affect their connection, there is a little trick to help you to pair them up. You can bring the two devices, if possible, to your CAR and close the door to pair them up there. Power Oasis up with your car. Your car offers a RF signal shielded space. Make sure your car Bluetooth is off.


4. Turn off TV when pairing - Most smart TV has strong wifi reception and that could interfere with the Bluetooth pairing. So we suggest you turn off TV / Wireless stick of the TV when try to pair Oasis to your Bluetooth headphones or speaker. 


5. Check Status on Screen - If you think it is paired but no sound, you can test the pairing by switching off the Bluetooth device and see whether LED letter 'A' disappeared on the screen. If yes, that indicates they are paired and connected. If not, then you might paired with something else completely. So RESET both and pair again. More troubleshooting about NO Sound, pls check to the link. 

Oasis should auto-reconnects to your device each time they are turned on. So then if your Bluetooth headphones / speakers support multipoint, you can turn your PC / phone / TV Bluetooth back on and still use Oasis with them properly.  

If still not working, pls contact support@avantree.com or join our twice weekly Online Clinic so we can help you to troubleshoot.



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