aptX-HD - What is it? What products support it?


aptX HD is a technology designed to improve the quality of audios when streamed wirelessly. 

aptX HD means a lot for high-end wireless devices because " aptX™ HD audio ensures them to deliver High Definition (HD) audio. It preserves sound data through the audio transmission, resulting in a ‘better-than-CD’ listening experience." , "With aptX HD, you can enjoy listening to your music at the highest audible quality when using a wireless device." 

Important note *  

In order to take advantages of the benefit of aptX HD, normally you'll need to make sure that your Bluetooth transmitter device (e.g. Cellphone, PC, Transmitter etc.) and Bluetooth receiving side device (e.g. Bluetooth headphones, speakers) both supports aptX HD. If one side device only supports the normal aptX codec, or the SBC one, these codecs will be used instead. 


Products on the market supporting aptX HD now -

Avantree Devices >   

Recently, Avantree High-end Bluetooth headset - AH6 and Avantree Premium Bluetooth Transmitter - TC500P will be released around June 2018. 


               BTHS-AH6-TTN                         BTTC-500P-BLK         

Other devices > 

Please check on Qualcomm aptX official website: https://www.aptx.com/products?field_aptx_type_tid=483



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For more detailed info, please feel free to contact: support@avantree.com 




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