10BS/10BP - Troubleshooting - Working with two devices


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Why it can't pair and connect with 2 devices at the same time?

- You may turn off its Multipoint function by mistake. Following below guide, please turn on the multipoint function

How to turn on / off the Multipoint function of 10BS/10BP? 

 Function Operation 
Turn off the Multipoint function Under standby mode, press and hold the "V+" button 3s until a beep sound
Turn on the Multipoint function Under standby mode, press and hold the "V-" button 3s until a beep sound


-Or try to reset it to factory default: 

How to reset 10BS/10BP?  



Then please strictly follow up below steps to connect with the 2nd phones:




The 10BS/10BP will automatically reconnect with the last 1 paired device once power on; If you bring the first-connected phone to the car, it won't auto-reconnect and need to do manually. 





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