Oasis - Troubleshooting - Low Volume


Keywords: Oasis, low volume, RCA, AUX, Audio, not loud, low sound

When you use Oasis as an Bluetooth transmitter and if you experience a low volume under RCA / AUX mode, it might be caused by an impedance compatibility issue between your device and the Oasis you have. There are two solutions here -

  1. You can use the optical connection and the volume should be fine.
  2. We have an updated version for this issue. We will replace for you -

Replacement instructions:

1. You send us an e-mail to Support@avantree.com including your Amazon order number so we have your record / address
2. We will send you the updated version of Oasis,
3. You receive / test / confirm issue fixed
4. You return the first one to us by the shipping label we provided.


NOTE: This low volume issue is for Lot number 16XX, 17XX(XX=J1, K1...), it is solved from Lot number 18B1 onwards.  Here is how to find the lot No.

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