Priva III/IIA - Guide - Reset/clear paired history


Keywords: Priva III, Priva IIA, 318, TC318, reset, clear paired history


You may need to clear paired history of Priva III/IIA if it is not working as expected, such as audio cut in and out, short range, not pairing...

Clear Paired History of Priva III/IIA:

Step 1: Get Priva III/IIA into pairing mode - press and hold MFB for 1 second until LED flashes BLUE and RED alternately. Then let go of MFB. 


Step 2: Press and hold MFB button for 5s, then BLUE LED is on for 2 seconds.


Step 3: It will enter paring mode automatically, and LEDs on Priva III/IIA flashes BLUE and RED alternately.



You may also refer to this video for detail instructions:

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