CK11 - Guide - Basic Operations & Status LED indicator


Basic Operations


All the LED indicators show as follows:

LED Indicator Speakerphone Status Image  Voice Prompts
Blue LED on 1 second Power on Power-on.gif  "Power On"
Blue LED flash twice every 5 seconds Standby
(Disconnect Bluetooth Device)
The red and blue LED flash alternate Pairing in progress Paring.gif  "Paring"
N/A Successful Connection   "Connected"
Blue LED flash once every 5 seconds Standby mode
(Connect Bluetooth Device)
Blue LED flash once every 5 seconds Play Music  Play_Music.gif  
Red LED flash every 5 seconds Low voltage  Low-voltage.gif  "Battery Low"
N/A Disconnect   "Disconnect"
Red LED on 1 second Power off Power-off.gif  "Power Off"
Red LED steady on Charging in progress Charging.jpg   
Red LED off Charging completed  Charging-completed.gif  


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