Torpedo Plus - Why cannot pair with my devices?


1. Please make sure that you connect with your devices as the following steps:

STEP1 Get Torpedo Plus into paring mode – For first time use, once power on, Torpedo
Plus will automatically enter pairing mode and keep flash Red and Blue alternatively

STEP 2 Activate Bluetooth on your phone/PC/notebook and select ‘Torpedo Plus’.  (For PC, make sure the playback device is Torpedo Plus.)

STEP 3 Once connected, you will hear a beep and the LED indicator will stay on.

NOTE: Once disconnected, Torpedo Plus will automatically enter pairing mode

2. The following pairing steps with some devices may help:

3. You may have to reset the speaker and repair with the device if it doesn't work as expected:

STEP1  Reset the speaker -- In pairing mode, double click MODE button. You will see LED stay Purple for 1s, then flash Red and Blue alternatively.

STEP2  Active Bluetooth on your phone / tablet / PC and look for “Torpedo Plus” on the list of found devices, select it to connect.


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