10BS/10BP - Troubleshooting - Low volume / Low ringtone


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For low volume: 

1. Please note that 10BS is not recommended for use in trucks (due to cab dimensions and noise).

2. For Low volume, please make sure that the both the volume of the car kit and phone is adjusted to the highest.

3. In some cases, the volume can only be adjusted during playing ( in a call or broadcasting GPS). That's only in the short period when it's ringing or broadcasting the navigation.


For low ringtone:

1. Please make sure your phone is NOT under MUTE.

2. (For Android phone) Please check the setting on your phone to see if you have put the ring volume to maximum? Below pic is FYI. It might vary from different phones.

3. The ringtone volume may not be adjustable for some phones.

4. If the ringtone volume is too low, please contact support@avantree.com. We’ll have further troubleshooting or send you a replacement.

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