Leaf - Troubleshooting - Cannot auto reconnect


Normally, once you pair your Bluetooth headphones or speaker with the Leaf, they will automatically reconnect to each other once you turn them back on.

If they cannot automatically reconnect, please try the following:

1. Short press the MFB once on the Leaf. The Leaf will reconnect to the LAST connected device.

2. If they don't reconnect, please make sure that your headphones haven't connected to another Bluetooth device. In this case:

  • Turn OFF the other Bluetooth device
  • OR clear the pairing history of BOTH devices and re-pair them again.
    • Reset / Clear pairing history of Leaf
    • Reset / Clear pairing history of your Bluetooth device - refer to its user manual (or search for it online)
    • Ensure the Leaf is in PAIRING MODE, the LED will flash BLUE and WHITE alternately.
    • Enter your Bluetooth device into PAIRING MODE. Often this is indicated by the LED flashing quickly or two colored LEDs flashing alternately.
    • Keep both devices close, and wait for them to connect.

If this does not solve your issue, please contact us at support@avantree.com, tell us the details and we will help you troubleshoot.  

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