Audikast - Troubleshooting - Fail to add a 2nd headphone


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Fail to add a 2nd pair of headphone?



Key Questions to Ask:

  1. Are the transmitter and the 2nd headset both in PAIRING MODE(LED flashes RED and BLUE quickly)?
  2. Does each headset can separately connect to the transmitter? If you pair 1st headset to the transmitter, then turn it off, now pair the 2nd headset to the transmitter and turn back on the 1st headset, can you hear sound from both 2 headsets?
  3. Which device quits pairing mode first? If the headset quits pairing mode first, it could be connected to other unwanted Bluetooth devices (e.g. cell phone). If the transmitter quits pairing mode first, it could be connected to other unwanted Bluetooth devices around ( e,g, other Bluetooth headset /speaker).
  4. Is there any other wireless device close to the transmitter/headphone? E,g, Wifi router, Roku stick, Chromecast stick?
  5. What is the brand and model of your two headphones?



Cause 1: Either the Audikast or the 2nd headphone did NOT enter PAIRING MODE.

Solution: Ensure BOTH the Audikast and the 2nd headphone enter PAIRING MODE.


Cause 2: Either the Audikast is already connected to TWO devices, or the 2nd headphone is connected to other unwanted Bluetooth device.

Solution: Clear paired history of BOTH the Audikast and the 2nd headphone, then pair them again. 


Cause 3: Both connecting passage (A2DP/HFP) is occupied by the first connected headphone.

Solution: Switch the pairing order of 1st and 2nd headphone. If one of your headphones is Plantronics, ensure to FIRST pair Plantronics headphone with Audikast.


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