Torpedo Plus- How to use Torpedo Plus with Avantree Oasis (TC500) ?


✦ If your TV is not Bluetooth-enabled, 

✦ If your TV is Bluetooth-enabled smart TV, BUT you prefer no audio delay (most TV native bluetooth does not support low latency and you will still experience 200ms delay)

You are recommended to select  Avantree Oasis to work with Torpedo Plus (BTSP-006P). 


1. Connection & Setting 

Set Oasis as transmitter and connects to your TV

Is your Bluetooth device and Oasis are well connected? To confirm this, pls turn off the Bluetooth device and see whether the A or B LED on Oasis is gone. If not, pls clear the pairing history and try to pair them again. 

When properly connected, the setting should be - 

Left switch to TX / Right switch to Bluetooth


Make sure your cable is connected to "TX Input / From TV " jack at the back of Oasis.

USB cable is powering up the device

Screen should have these lit up > TX | AUX or OPT up to you | one of the Codec | A or A&B

2. Proper Audio Source?  

2.1. RCA / AUX connection

  1. The most OFTEN mistake when using RCA / AUX connection from TV is - you connected to TV RCA audio in rather than audio out. If your TV RCA is NOT marked as 'RCA OUT' then most likely it is audio in so it not the right port to use. To make sure your audio out is working properly, please use a wired headphone to test and make sure yon can hear proper sound.


2. Make sure AUX is selected and lit up on the LED screen. If not, click the second button and switch between AUX and OPT. 

3. Make sure your cable is connected to "TX Input / From TV " jack at the back of Oasis. 

4. Make sure you change your TV audio OUT setting to "External Speakers" (if using RCA Audio OUT ) see below

or "Headset" (if using AUX/3.5mm OUT), see below

5. If you have tried aboved four steps and still not hear sound under AUX connection or only hear sound from one channel/ ear. Meanwhile optical connection works, then this Oasis shall be a defective one( AUX jack is broken) , please email to  for a replacement.


2.2. Optical Connection 

1. Make sure optical cable connection / OPT is selected on Oasis. 

2. Make sure you change your TV audio OUT setting to "External Speakers"

3. If your TV audio source is Dolby or DTS (mostly from Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu, etc.) please change your audio format to PCM. Oasis supports the PCM audio format only, it doesn't support Dolby, DTS. 

Generally the setting should be under your TV's sound settings menu though the exact location may vary between different TVs - please refer to your TV's manual.

Go to Menu-> sound setting -> Digital (SPDIF) audio output->audio format-> set to PCM


4. If you have never used your optical port before, there is a chance that your optical port is not working properly. You can check the audio output with an optical supported sound bar or speaker - connect the optical cable from TV to your sound bar and make sure you can hear proper music. Or you can plug Oasis to another TV and try. In  some cases, your TV optical port is not working.

5. Sometimes a bad cable could be the cause of all the trouble. Pls also try with a different audio cable or test the cable works well with other devices. 

If still cannot solve the issue, pls email (24h reply)

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